Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Music theater development in the COVID-age.

There are a lot of pieces to a musical theater production. One of the most overlooked is creating high quality audio tracks from your show. Live audio feeds can deliver a complete performance, but they never have the production quality found in studio recordings.

Over the last year the coronavirus pandemic has forced artists to collaborate with their colleagues remotely. We've all had to rethink our processes and now, many of us are adding in-home recording capabilities to our portfolios and providing our parts remotely.

Anne Jenness and Brendan Vonick recording "Secret Admirer" remotely
Anne Jennes and Brendan Vonick
recording WYSIWYG vocal parts

April Alsup, our resident music theater expert told us that, "a lot of the most important elements to producing a Musical are often overlooked and can actually be done remotely". She provided us with a schematic to show how she works with local theater companies to provide the various components for a soundtrack. "Once you've completed the orchestration for your show, each singer downloads the audio files, sheet music and any related guide tracks and records their parts remotely. The final soundtrack is assembled remotely and mastered as a complete musical theater scene."

We all want to remain safe, but we still need to express our creativity...this project is a great example of how artists across the country are working together to find a way to remain creative in the COVID-age.