Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Production compensation webinars from the Dramatist Guild

We've been participating in the production compensation webinars presented by the Dramatist Guild in New York City over the last few weeks. The discussions are lead by Ralph Sevush and include a variety of experts depending on the topics for each session. This series is very informative and is a real benefit of being a member of the Dramatist Guild. Our sense is there really isn't any blueprint for these sorts of financial matters, so the format is perfect. Ralph does a great job at identifying the topics for each session and then lets the experts share anecdotes and valuable insight from their experiences working in the real world; afterwards, a DG participant gathers questions of the online audience for further discussion. The sessions last several hours and are going on for the next month or so.

Production Compensation Part One: Advice for Theatre Writers on Commissions, Advances, Royalties from Theatrical Productions with Ralph Sevush, Lauren Gunderson, Diana Burbano and Roger Q. Mason
Production Compensation Part Two: Advice for Theatre Writers on Making Income from Subsidiary Markets with Ralph Sevush, Tonda Marton, Jason Cooper, Doug Wright, Don Zolidis, Amy VonMacek-DG
Just let us know if you have any questions! We're happy to talk with you about the theatrical production compensation topic and if we can't answer your questions we can reach out to our guild friends for more clarification. Remember there is far more we can do together than we could ever do on our own.